I’m an artist who’s passionate about a lot of things, I guess that’s part of what makes me an artist in the first place!

I grew up around animals and art, so its unsurprising they are still at the heart of everything I do. My mother, an incredibly talented artist, as well as a wonderful teacher, was a huge believer in art therapy for children. Heartbreakingly we lost her to cancer a few years, but she remains a huge part of my inspiration. I actually have a science degree, I always wanted to work in animal welfare, and for a number of years after graduating this is what I did. I never left the art alone though, always working away at commissions or experiments in my own time and getting a national diploma in Art and Design part time. So when I had Thane, my son, my husband, Mat and I decided the time was right for me to start my own artistic business, my family are my biggest inspiration. I am now home with Thane almost full time whilst I get my business up and running. It’s a real juggling act but becoming a Mum has really focused my priorities, like any parent will tell you, there’s no time to faff around with the things that aren’t important! So, my artwork focuses on nature, highlighting amazing creatures, how special they are and why they are such an important part of the world. Everything is sourced and made as responsibly as possible, I try to always use recycled materials which are preferably compostable but at the very least recyclable. That includes the packaging! After all I want my art work to be something that helps to teach my son about the wonderful world we live in, but also how to look after it.


I’m a typical artist, I experiment! While I primarily work by sketching, painting and often digitally editing my artwork, I also love to sculpt, carve and sew. I’m always coming up with new ideas and trying new things. So, you can expect to see a variety of things popping up amongst my more regular product lines. This also means I will try all sorts of things to get the best result or solution.


Day to day, I can usually be found hunting for mini beasts under logs in the garden – with Thane, not usually by myself! At weekends my boys and I are hunting down new adventures and often found hugging trees in the woods. As a family we love traveling and seeing the world, I find seeing new places and cultures so inspirational, so despite being a total introvert and a bit of a wimp to be honest, I am forever looking for our next adventure and my next source of inspiration.


I’m always interested in new ideas and challenges so if you have a commission in mind or an idea you think I should try, I would love to hear from you. Just send me an email at Alana@AlanaWoodward.co.uk